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About Dr. Shahab Mahboubian

Dr. Shahab Mahboubian, an esteemed orthopedic surgeon specializing in Limb Lengthening Surgery, brings a wealth of expertise to the West Coast, honed at the world-renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. As the first on the West Coast to perform cosmetic limb lengthening using the advanced PRECICE Nail system, Dr. Mahboubian leads with cutting-edge techniques in orthopedic surgery. His practice encompasses a broad spectrum, including correction of bow-legs, knock-knees, deformities of the upper or lower extremities, leg-length discrepancies, bony malunions or non-unions, and cosmetic bilateral limb lengthening.

Medical Degree: Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency: Peninsula Hospital Center, Far Rockaway, NY

Fellowship: Hospital for Special Surgery, NY

Certifications: American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Experience Level: High - 14 years in LL and deformity correction since 2010

Hobbies: In his spare time, Dr. Mahboubian enjoys working out, spending time with his family and is an avid member of the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society (ASAMI)

My Clinic

Height Lengthening Institute

The Height Lengthening Institute located in Burbank County, California is a new clinic with several patient rooms and state of the art technology.

With every consultation, Dr. Mahboubian supplies his patients with a thorough understanding of their problem and a complete overview of their treatment options in order to allow his patients to make the most educated decisions about their care.

A full team experienced surgeons, nurses and clinic staff that make patients feel supported throughout the whole process.

Orthopedic surgeons from around the world come to learn from our team of expert, fellowship-trained surgeons.

Dr. Mahboubian has been able to not only make people taller and walk normally, but he has also been able to raise his patients’ confidence and help them achieve their lifelong goals.

Offers virtual consultations for cosmetic limb lengthening patients prior to in-person consultation and surgery booking.

Our Services


Cosmetic Stature Lengthening

Stature lengthening - also known as cosmetic limb lengthening - is surgery to enhance one's height via leg lengthening surgery, during which both legs are lengthened at the same time. Dr. Mahboubian is highly experienced in this procedure and has a qualified team in place to support the patient through the lengthening process.

Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD)

Limb length discrepancy (LLD) is a difference between the lengths of two limbs such as the legs or arms. Acquired LLD usually develops gradually over time from a traumatic. It is usually the long bones that patients visibly notice and physically feel - oftentimes giving pain and discomfort. LLD can be a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, illness, or tumor.

Deformity Reconstruction

An acquired deformity is a change in the normal shape or size of a body part. These kinds of deformities usually happen gradually over longer periods of time. Any bone of the body can be affected, as an acquired deformity can be a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, illness, or tumor.

Lengthening Surgery Process

1. Virtual Consultation

Ensure you know all of the details and are ready to follow through with every aspect of the limb lengthening process.

2. In-Person Consultation

We will take X-rays, and assess walking gait, proportions and muscle tension to determine if patients are a good candidate. Patients can make arrangements at our recommended nearby lodging while lengthening or discuss with surgeon for specific case.

3. Surgery Day

In surgery, Dr. M will install the lengthening nails in either the femurs or the tibias.

After surgery patients stay in hospital for approximately 2 nights, before returning to their local accommodations.

4. Lengthening Phase

Approximately one week after surgery, the lengthening phase begins. Patients will typically lengthen the bones .75-1mm per day and could take 12 weeks to achieve 8cm in length on femurs or 5cm on tibias. During this process, the patient will come in for bi-weekly check-ups to ensure mitigation of complications or send x-rays to Dr. M for assessment.

5. Physical Therapy

While in LA, patients will undergo physical therapy 3-5 days a week with a physical therapist we can connect you with who provides physical therapy services to patients after the procedure.

If you are not from Los Angeles, we will provide instructions to your physical therapist at home!

In addition, at home, patients will be required to perform their own exercises 3 times per day to continue the stretching and rehabilitation process.

6. Consolidation Phase

The "bone healing" or consolidation phase takes place once patients have achieved the maximum length. At this time, they can return home to perform monthly X-Rays and virtual follow up visits. These visits will determine how well the bone is healing and whether or not patients can continue to increase their activity.

7. Device (Nail) Removal

Approximately one year after the initial surgery - and if the bone is completely healed - we will remove the lengthening nails from the patient's bones. Removal of the nails is a minor procedure. It often is a same day procedure and then the next day you can return home.

8. Enjoy Your Results!

Stature lengthening provides favorable height gain, increased confidence and functional outcomes, with low rates of major complications.

How much a patient lengthens depends on what their body can tolerate safely with most patients achieving their desired lengthening goals.

Surgery Pricing List

These are the prices for Cosmetic Stature Lengthening Only with the PRECICE 2.2 IM nails. Please contact us for pricing for all other procedures including the upcoming PRECICE MAX Weightbearing nail.

Femurs (bilateral)


US Dollars

  • Both femurs lengthening

  • Includes Bi-weekly surgeon check-ups

tibias (bilateral)


US Dollars

  • Both femurs lengthening

  • Includes Bi-weekly surgeon check-ups

Femurs & tibias (Quadrilateral)


US Dollars

  • Both femurs & tibias

  • Includes Bi-weekly surgeon check-ups

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